They not only provide friendly and excellent service, but also excellent animals.

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I, like many other teacup lovers, heard about Teeny Tiny Pigs for the first time when they featured on the TV programme Pasella. This propelled their fame, together with this an abnormal increase of enquiries from potential teacup owners.

This allows a business to increase its sales, but together with this sudden fame, an increase of reviews and client opinions about the service they received. I read many reviews and comments posted on the internet and decided to visit the business on a farm outside Stellenbosch/Somerset West to see for myself.

After a friendly welcome by Carmen, who is always wearing her gumboots, she took me around to see their facilities. The adult pigs are kept in a large enclosure outside and they were all in excellent condition. We entered the enclosure, only to be met by very friendly pigs, some of whom demanded a scratch on the stomach.

Afterward, Carmen took me to see the babies. The baby teacups and their mothers were kept in extremely clean and cozy housing units, with abundant hay and food. She showed me how they absolutely love yogurt by pouring some into a food bowl. The babies had a feast!

Like many other potential buyers, I though teacup pigs stay very small, hence “teacup”, but Carmen walked me to their landras pigs, that are almost the size of a small cow, therefore, seeing adult pigs that are the size of a medium-size dog and even smaller clearly demonstrated the concept of “teacup” to me.

After doing my research and saving my cash, I bought myself a white and black teacup male from Teeny Tiny Pigs. When I received him, he was in excellent condition and, although still very frightened of people, like all baby animals, I got him to sleep in my lap only two days later. We grew extremely close and he was so playful and friendly. I called him Gertjie.

Two weeks later I got a call from work informing me that I would be going overseas for a few years, so I had to get my teacup a good home. I informed Carmen of my situation and she gladly took him back and refunded me! This is almost unheard of in today’s business world.

I can vouch for Teeny Tiny Pigs and Carmen Vosloo. Gertjie found a good home and is now a beautiful adult teacup pig. They not only provide friendly and excellent service, but also excellent animals. I would advise potential and interested buyers to make sure they do their research and make sure they can provide their teacup with the home it needs.

Carmen will always give you all the information you need. We as people have a way of pointing fingers when something is not to our liking, but we rarely reward excellent service with good reviews and this is my testimonial for good work done. Well done Carmen and Teeny Tiny Pigs!”

 – Oliver Greef

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