I highly recommend you consider purchasing your pig from Carmen.

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My son, whose sixth birthday was approaching, passed on his birthday list to Dad and I in preparation.

To our pleasant surprise, there was only one item on the list; to our horror, it was a PIG! Where do I start hunting down a teacup pig for a six-year-old without being ripped off?

A few days later, completely by chance, I saw an advertisement in a local advertising magazine: Teeny Tiny Pigs. I called and spoke to Carmen, who advised me about the care of a pig and on many other things that we should consider when taking on the responsibility of a pig, especially if we were only going to have one pig as a pet. Throughout our conversation, I was never under the impression that it was a sales pitch and was thrilled when Carmen gave me an opportunity to come out to the farm with the children to have a look at the pigs.

When we arrived at the farm, I was overwhelmed by this young woman’s passion for pigs. They were healthy, the farm was clean, the pigs were tame and child-friendly and there were so many different pigs to choose from that I had no doubt in my mind that these pigs were the genuine thing. Carmen’s honesty to our questions was also refreshing, as one always doubts people’s intentions when it comes to purchasing unusual animals as pets. After purchasing our pig, Carmen gave us a well-prepared care sheet that had everything in it one could ever need to know about the care of their pet, including instructions on applying sunscreen to our pig to ensure that he does not get sunburn.

It only took a few days to get Chunky housetrained and he goes everywhere with us, even sleeping in our tent when we camp. We have become so attached to Chunky and I would certainly recommend a pig as a family pet. We later went on to purchase two additional pigs – Knuckles and Daisy about 6 weeks later and there was no doubt where to shop for our additional pets: Teeny Tiny Pigs!

I highly recommend you consider purchasing your pig from Carmen. You will not be disappointed by her service and passion for these animals.

 – Galia Aloisia Kioufi

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