I cannot recommend Carmen or her little pigs more highly!

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I have had a passion for pigs as long as I can remember. I grew up on a busy street in Cape Town with a Siamese cat, knowing one day I’d have a pet pig. At the age of 33, my dream became a reality and I bought a tiny black potbellied pig. I named her Coco and she spent the first few months of her life in our farm cottage lying on a beanbag with our fox terrier, or curled up in one of my children’s arms. But alas, she grew. And grew… until I was forced to build a home for her in the farmyard.

Although she remained affectionate, our close bond widened over time. Years later, we moved to a small holding outside Plettenberg Bay. We had dogs, horses, ponies, ducks, rabbits and chickens, but no pig. I searched and searched for a “teacup” pig for months until I came across Carmen’s website. I travelled to her farm on the outskirts of Somerset West – half expecting to find adorable piglets with enormous parents on a smelly farm!

My first surprise was meeting a petite, beautiful blonde holding a fully grown pig. My next surprise was meeting someone who loved pigs as much as, if not more than, myself – surrounded by miniature pigs in an immaculate paddock. A couple of weeks later, I collected my precious black baby and named him Rambo. And a few months later, a spotty sow called Marshmallow! They have since produced six adorable piglets, two of which have been flown to loving homes in Zambia!

I have called Carmen many times and she has always been there for me with advice and concern – even helping me sort out Rambo’s obsession with mounting a chicken! People who visit our farm continue to be amazed at the size and friendliness of our pigs. I cannot recommend Carmen or her little pigs more highly!

 – Katherine Barlow

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