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Pigs are highly intelligent animals, fourth in line after humans, chimps, and dolphins. This makes them highly trainable and wonderful pets. They are loving, loyal, and unique little companions. Perfect for those who have allergies to cats and dogs, and piggy lovers!

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Carmen VoslooOwner of Teeny Tiny Pigs

Carmen Vosloo, knew from a young age that she wanted to be a farmer and work with animals. She finished off her degree in wildlife management and soon after began searching for a miniature pig after seeing a documentary on the Discovery Channel in 2011.
After searching all over South Africa and learning a whole lot about miniature pigs and breeding, Carmen decided to start breeding her own.
Almost 10 years later, Carmen is known as the most reputable mini pig breeder in South Africa. She lives on a farm with her partner and 2 young daughters, and a whole lot of animals.


OWNING A PIG: This is one decision I will NEVER regret. We live on a smallholding just outside of George. We knew that we wanted to have animals, but not the usual type. Since getting Oliver and Zoe it’s been nonstop fun. Every day they do something to amaze us and you always end up laughing about it. They are so much more fun, they give great cuddles in bed, the best hot water bottles in winter. They are very lovable, and yes it may take a while to get used to the texture of their hair, you know you will never have problems with ticks or fleas. Thank you so much Teeny Tiny Pigs for blessing us with these two babies!

What a difference. Her adult pigs were indeed small and well cared for. I realized why Carmen is considered the only true supplier of teacup piglets in South Africa. My business dealings with her were honest and upfront. She really went the extra mile to make sure that both the client and her beloved piglets were happy.

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